About Me

Ever since I was a little kid, I always loved light. I used to look at how light bounces off different objects, a swing-set, my bike, the side of my mom's car. I loved how lights spreads through the windows of my house . Even now, I find myself analyzing light in every photograph I see. I think becoming a photographer was just a natural extension of my love of light.

I became a photographer almost by accident. I was always taking photos of my nieces and nephews. My sister would hang them on the walls and people would comment on how much they loved them and they wanted me to do the same for them. And pay me! To this day I love it as much as I when I just started. I have gotten to meet so many people, all with their own unique personalities and stories. And I get to help capture all that uniqueness for them.

I currently reside in the state of Connecticut, where the weather can extreme (both cold and hot) but the roots here run deep. You always know someone who knows someone who knows someone . . .. Hey, we probably even have a mutual friend.

Residing with me are my husband and two teenagers and of course the love of my life my havanese dog Evie (sorry Hubby). My life is busy and crazy and fun! And I LOVE my job.